Student Information

Set of tools to manage every detail related to the students and their academics in school

Right from the time they are enrolled in your school till they graduate or change schools, the VIDYA stores their personal details and school records created over time. Storing data on the cloud server also ensures that your data is immediately backed up. the administrator can send all the important notifications and reminders regarding student fees, student results, and student attendance directly to the parents either via WhatsApp, text messages.

 Student Record in VIDYA School Software

Features of Student Information

  • Manage various aspects of the academic journey of the student at your school.
  • VIDYA gathers student data upon admissions and stores it in a centralized database.
  • Student data on a cloud-based server in an encrypted format to keep it safe from breach or loss.
  • The comprehensive data that includes - student’s registration information, admission detail, fees payment status, or any other financial aid provision, etc.
  • The entire students’ information can be saved at a centralized location & role-based login access can be given to all the staff for ensuring 100% student data security.
  • Schools can quickly generate reports, track student performance, and make data-driven decisions to improve academic programs.