Track all school inventories, maintain suppliers’ details, and generate purchase orders.

Inventory can easily create multiple item groups, place them under different categories, and use them for keeping track of different items. Manage customer and supplier lists, pricing lists, and stock list. Admin will have the option to download reports. Greater flexibility means you’re not limited to managing inventory during school hours. This gives you access to the system at any time, from anywhere. Find out more about Inventory.

Inventory Management in Vidya School management Software

Features of Inventory

  • Admin can create a detailed register of all your school’s assets.
  • Record inventory transactions and keep audit trails.
  • Add Item Group, Items under Item Group, Goods In and Billing etc. and can have variety of reports of your use.
  • List down all the names of assets and save additional details with them also print the report.
  • Helps reduce unnecessary costs, avoid misplacement of items and saves time with its tools.
  • It is very useful to at times of auditing