Academic Certificate

Automation of the certification generation process.

Creating certificates manually accrues complications such as increasing the chances of errors and data breaches leading to chaos and fraud in the institution, to reduce all of these, a certificate module provides complete data security with automation of the certification generation process. There will also be a predetermined template for each kind of certificate like transfer, character, and dob, leave, sport, and merit certificate. It helps in the easy, effortless, and time-saving generation of certificates by digitalizing default student data such as name, father's name, date of birth, nationality, etc. without any error and unprofessional glance. Fint out more about Certificate Generator.

create academic certificate in school management software

Features of Academic Certificate

  • Institutions can manage the entire academic certification process with ease, flexibility, and convenience.
  • User cand Print certificate quick with date.
  • Amin to print the generated certificate on the spot.
  • Predefine certificate templates