Fee Management

Fee Collection parameters to suit your needs.

Admin can collect fees term-wise, Head wise, etc. Can define concessions here only. For the staff handling fee payments, the process is streamlined and hassle-free, and error-free. This also includes other options such as quarterly, monthly, and half-yearly for fee collection. It offers various features like setting fees structure, discount management, setting sibling student fees, due fees reports, paid fees reports, fees transaction reports, and many more. Find out more about Fee Management.

fee management in vidya school software

Features of Fee Management

  • A fee management system also offers numerous benefits such as generating a fee structure, cancelling transactions, defining fee slabs for various standards, defining fee discounts and much more.
  • Dues Followup and dues list are also maintain.
  • Enable online payments to further automate the collection process.
  • Fee installment module also available.
  • Create & define multiple fee heads from for every class and all auxiliary services.
  • Structured account of the fee, display of remaining fees and is also able to generate and print fees receipt.