School Bell

The automatic ringing of the bell on set intervals

Schools have to depute one peon or watchman to ring the bell e.g. for morning assembly, 1st period, 2nd period, break, etc. That Person can not be assigned for other outdoor work as he/she has to be present in the school to ring the bell. However, he/she may commit a mistake while ringing the bell. There may be a time lag of 5-10 minutes. School Bell Player will make that peon/watchman free to be engaged for other work. Find out more about School Bell.

 School Bell in VIDYA School management Software

Features of School Bell

  • Load unlimited mp3 files
  • Different ringing tunes for prayer, recess, periods and school over
  • Digitally display nex bell update on VIDYA Dashboard
  • Output Devices: Any electrical device like, bell, hooter or siren can be connected.
  • Some predetermined bell sound given on the software.