Student Admission

Automate and manage the entire admission cycle of students.

Educational organizations can collect and manage student information effortlessly with VIDYA. Now, admins don't have to collect the data of individual students manually. They can automate the data collection process with the Admission module . It avoids unnecessary queues for admission procedures and minimises manual efforts and time consumption by administrative departments thus improving the School efficiency. The VIDYA software generates the unique ID and registration no. for each student to avoid the duplicacy of students enrolledand can evenupload the photographs along with the admission form for identification. Find out more about Student Admission.

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VSS Student Admission

Features of Student Amission

  • Managing and modifying students data.
  • Store huge Student data safely with the admission module.
  • Keep an eye on the ongoing activities and track day-to-day admissions activities.
  • Additional info like set Section, Fee and A/c detail of Student.
  • Track Record and helps you scale your admissions!
  • Fasten the admission processes.
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