ID Card Generator

Generate ID cards from data available on student directory.

All the information for the ID card creator is taken from the Student data. There is no additional workforce required to collect the data from the student or staff member, add it to a form, and enter all of the details manually - all of these processes will be directly taken from the student directory. Hiring an external photographer every single year for ID card generation is quite a waste of money. Moreover, having an online software to create ID cards is a very cost-effective plan when considering the long run. Find out more about ID-Card Generator.

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VSS ID_Card Genrator

Features of ID Card Generator

  • The ID card can be printed either in landscape or portrait orientation as per the requirement of the school.
  • It is far more authentic and safer than sharing the student data.
  • User is relieved from the extra work of gathering information of each student as every detail – Reg. No.,Photos, Personal, academic Info, Address, Contacts, etc. are already present in the Student directory.
  • Preiew & Print different formats of ID Card
  • The user can print the ID cards in bulk numbers and individually.
  • There are some predefined color option for ID Card.
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