Data Backup

Storage solutions are secure, management is automated and seamless, recovery is quick.

Backup and recovery describes the process of creating and storing copies of data that can be used to protect organizations against data loss. If your school utilises more than one Engage module, ensure that they are all backed up in the same timeframe.Admin can backup data on your google drive or in your PC. For best results, make your backup copies on a regular and consistent basis to minimize the amount of data lost between backups.

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VSS Data Backup

Features of Data Backup

  • You can set up a flexible data backup operation, using your own architecture, or make use of available Backup as a Service solutions, mixing them up with local storage.
  • Server backup solutions are typically designed to help you backup server data to another local server, a cloud server
  • A backup application will record and keep track of the time and date on which all backup operations occur.
  • Admin can take backup of data directly from Dashboard
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