Easy exam scheduling and mark updation.

VIDYA allows administrators of schools, to create exam schedules easily, making it easier to manage exams. Also process results quickly and accurately, making it easy to generate custom reports in different formats, grade sheets, for analyzing student performance. they can always download these reports individually or in bulk smoothly.Using this system in examination processes reduces the possibility of any error in result calculation , teachers can avoid the time waste in re-evaluation, re-work in reports. Find out more about Examination.

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VSS Examination

Features of Examination

  • Administrators to create and manage the exam schedule for each course.
  • Add details such as each exam's Date, Time, Exam Type.
  • Updating student’s marks and generating different format reports in bulk smoothly.
  • Defining Subject wise exam for different classes and further defining in academic and non-academic, compulsory, optional and additional, theoretical and practical papers, etc. with their codes.
  • Provied facilities for normal Exam and Exam CBSE both in seprate modules
  • Supports grading as well as marking schema.
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