Custom Report

Easy exam scheduling and mark updation.

No school runs with a same kind of requirement for years and they do change their requirements and their workflow every year so as the reports have to be modified each and every year according to the workflow and the requirement of an institution. Customs reports are something which helps one user to get a precise report at the time needs. The reports are of two types, user-specific and work-specific for many efficient reasons. We noticed that in most cases the existing work-specific reports aren’t sufficient for admins, teachers and students in an institution, as the data required for an admin would be different from that required by a teacher or a student or a parent. This is exactly where VIDYA custom reports come into its full potential.

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VSS Custom Report

Features of Custom Report

  • Can get different set of report regarding examination such as exam-wise report, term-wise report, batch-wise report, for certificate generator etc
  • Dynamic fees report generation facility
  • VIDYA were designed keeping the arguments of customization on school management systems in mind.
  • Provide solutions for each and every specific custom need of all institutions
  • always focus on efficiently providing these custom reports to render these records and certificates to an institution and user-specific needs.
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